Halifax Graphic Designer – Lizane Tan

This is Lizane Tan. She’s a graphic designer here in Halifax. She’s also one of my closest friends.

It’s been a year since Lizane and I did this photo shoot. We created a mood board for inspiration, I suppose we had a casual summer editorial vibe in mind, and then ventured to her backyard for the shots. The two of us were pretty excited to get out and collaborate and I was determined to do some shots in full sun. Lizane provided the vintage jeans, previously owned by her dad, and the pink Maggie Jayne dress. I brought the sun hat.

Photographing Lizane is way too easy at times. One thing we both agreed on about this shoot was that her personality came through in the photos, especially near the end. We hang out and have work sessions as often as possible. She does her design stuff and I do my photo stuff. Every so often we look up from our screens to get an opinion on what one another is working on. Lizane has done a ton of design work for me — logo creation, promo material, photo album design, she’s done a lot.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be behind the scenes with her many times as she develops new work for clients. Her creative versatility never ceases to amaze me. Her talent is entirely impressive. She’s also one of the most humble souls you could ever meet and this blog post might make her cry, (sorry Sis!) but I honestly can’t say enough about how great it is to collaborate with such an intuitive creative!

Check out her most recent work on @lizanecrna and lizanetan.com

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