Best Beaches & Hiking Trails for Portrait Sessions

Best Beaches & Hiking Trails in HRM for Portrait Sessions

If you’re not into the city or park vibe, or perhaps you’d like to go to a place with little to no people, a beach or hiking trail may be your best bet. I’ve spent a ton of time at each of these locations between dog walks, hikes and photo shoots so I know my way around!

Rainbow Haven

A fairly long beach with lots of evergreens, Rainbow Haven Beach is perfect if you’d like some trees in your shots. It also has a couple of trails throughout the grassy areas. I’ve spent many hours here walking my dog, Molly, so I know the beach quite well. Getting to the end of the beach is a bit of a walk, but it’s usually pretty quiet if you’d like something more private.

Parking note: There are two parking lots. One at the beginning of the driveway and one at the end. The one at the beginning is open year-round.

Lawrencetown Beach

One of my personal favourites, the views never disappoint in Lawrencetown. Whether it’s a bit foggy or sunset, it’s a magical place. There’s a mix of rocky beach, crashing waves, dunes, and trails along the beach. I’ve spent a lot of time on this beach so I know a few good spots for your photos!

Parking note: There is s large paved parking lot along the beach open year-round

Conrad’s Beach

Conrad’s beach is my favourite beach at the moment because it’s been a staple for weekend dog walks all winter. Conrad’s has an extremely long boardwalk, a marshy area, grassy paths and stretches on forever. If you’re up for a walk I can show you a few places that are generally quieter than the main part of the beach.

Parking note: There is a small parking lot by the gate to the boardwalk. When full, many people park along the road so be careful and watch for pedestrians when you get close to the beach!

Crystal Crescent

Crystal crescent has it all — stunning ocean views, a trail head and lots of forested areas. And if you’re down to walk a bit, there are some cool rocky spaces to explore further down the trail.

Parking note: There are two parking lots open in the summer months, however the beach does get busy and there may be cars parked alongside the road too.

Duncan’s Cove

Aside from some of the trails I’ve hiked in Cape Breton, Duncan’s Cove is my favourite in Nova Scotia. From the very first visit I’ve found it breathtaking with its stunning coastal views and rocky landscape. If you’re down for a hike and a photo session this is the trail to visit. It can be muddy at times so make sure you bring appropriate footwear to change into during the walking parts of the shoot.

Parking note: Roadside parking only

Polly’s Cove

This is another trail with amazing coastal views and a lot of rock cliffs. Like Duncan’s Cove, it can be muddy in spots so make sure you bring shoes to change in and out of. Polly’s Cove is a few minutes drive from Peggy’s Cove so can visit Nova Scotia’s most iconic lighthouse afterwards if you like!

Parking note: There are two small lots on either side of the road. Use caution because there may be vehicles parked alongside of the road in the summer and it’s a busy road!

A trail I’ve hiked a few times but have yet to shoot at is High Head. It’s beautiful and if you want to do your session there let me know!