Engagement Proposal with Allie & Sam

One year ago today I got to witness something pretty special. An engagement proposal. I’ve been to a ton of weddings but I don’t ever get to see the proposal side of it. It was really, really cool.

Let me tell you how this all came about…

I first contacted Allie through her business A+S Social because I needed some help with my social media account.

While instagram was the main focus of our meetings, we did get off topic from time to time. I still remember the smile that spread across Allie’s face as she sat across from me at the coffee shop. We were brainstorming caption ideas but had moved to the subject of engagements and proposals. That’s when she looked up from her notes and told me that she wanted to propose to Sam in the near future. She wanted to completely surprise Sam while somehow getting the whole engagement proposal documented. I liked this idea.

Not too long after our meeting I received an email from Allie saying the surprise proposal was in the works! She picked a date and filled me in on her plan. Since the three of us had already done a photo shoot at Duncan’s Cove I suggested we tell Sam we’re just doing another shoot for their instagram account.

I had a daily countdown for the entire week before the proposal. I felt equally nervous and excited but in a much different way than I feel before a wedding. I had one very important task, more important than taking the photos I think — be cool, don’t blow the cover.

The day of the proposal we went to Point Pleasant Park for the photos. Allie stealthily tied a tag on their dog Lily that read “Will you marry my mom?” Waiting nervously for Allie to draw attention to the tag, I tried really hard to answer normal questions like “How do you want us to pose?” as inconspicuous as possible. When Sam noticed the tag on Lily everything unfolded perfectly. She turned around and was Allie down on one knee.

It was such an amazing experience to be a part of. Witnessing the energy and love between these two ladies was incredible, not to mention the massive outpouring of warm wishes and congratulations they received from thousands online.

Now a year later, their wedding plans are in full motion but I can’t tell you when they’re tying the knot as they are keeping that a surprise too!

Check out Sam’s blog post to read more about her experience that day!


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