I am very relaxed and easy to get along with. At weddings and portrait sessions I often hang back and shoot a candid style but I will always offer subtle advice and instruction when I feel it is needed. To me, the most important thing about working with a variety of people is to capture their unique vibe.


bride and groom standing in the doorway of green cabin


Rachael, you were wonderful to work with! Since it rained so much on the day of our wedding and we didn’t get to decorate the day before as we had planned, things were much more hectic than expected. We really appreciated your quiet presence and flexibility as the day went on. You did a great job of working with the situation and came up with some great ideas for handling the weather and still getting some fun couples photos outside! We’re so pleased with how our photos turned out!

very excited bride and groom walking away from wedding ceremony


Words can’t express how happy we are with the photos, you captured our day better than we could have imagined. They are absolutely stunning... thank you so much. You and Zane were a pleasure to work with and great company to have throughout the day. Thanks for making us feel so comfortable and having a keen eye for the little details and moments. We had tears going looking through all of them as it truly did capture the emotion and happiness of our big day. I was extremely confident in my choice with booking you for our wedding, I knew your style suited us well but you really blew it our of the water. Amazing!!!

woman in green and blue sequin dress sitting on rocks at sunset


I love how genuine you are and how authentic you come across right off the bat. Your down to earth attitude came across very well in our shoot and made me more comfortable to work with you. I think that your talent made it easy for us to work so well together. I loved getting to know you and feel as if I got a true creative experience with working alongside you.



Rachael! Rachael Rachael!

Man oh Man! You have certainly outdone yourself! What a fantastic job you have done! The pictures are incredible! Gabe and I could not be happier with your gift to us! Your work is exceptional and you should be extremely proud of yourself. Each one better than the next, some hilarious, some just perfect, well....all just perfect. Thank you for being a part of our wedding and most of all for capturing it tin the way you did, a la Rachael, unique, talented, and mind blowingly awesome!


Working with Rachael Shrum on our wedding day was a dream! In her quiet, calm way, Rachael put us at ease and made us feel comfortable being photographed. She was incredibly accommodating: available when we needed to chat leading up to the wedding day, and understanding of how busy (and sometimes frantic) we were. We love her natural documenting kind of approach (as opposed to more staged shots) and her way of capturing the sweet little moments of our day (while being remarkably un-intrusive)! We love her eye for light, which brings a special quality to our photos. IN TOTO, we ADORE our wedding photos and are thrilled we got to work with Rachael! We would highly recommend choosing her as your photographer!!


I would happily recommend Rachael to anyone. I worked with her in a professional capacity to shoot a commercial space that I had designed. She’s a creative problem solver with a quiet kind of confidence that makes the whole process feel calm, comfortable, and laid back.

Rachael Shrum is an incredible photographer and was able to effortlessly capture the story I was hoping to tell. I’d love the chance to work with her again in the future!

halifax wedding photographer


After extensive researching, I was thrilled to come across Rachael. I would describe her as very professional, extremely talented, and beyond creative! Rachael was also willing to meet up with me before the wedding, which I really appreciated. It allowed us to touch base with what was wanted and to allow for a more personal connection. Furthermore, despite the obstacles-mainly being crazy high winds at my wedding, she was able to combat any limitation that it posed on my photos, and was able to provide the most breath-taking photos!!! Rachael is so great-highly recommend her expertise!!

public gardens halifax wedding


These are better than we could have imagined, thank you so much for working with us, and capturing some wonderful moments. You were a pleasure to have along, thank you for your patience and flexibility. 

editorial fashion photographer halifax


Rachael is an excellent photographer and storyteller. I had a portrait session with her and love the way the photos turned out with personality and ease without feeling contrived. She makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and never misses a good moment. She’s the perfect mix of intuitive and precise!



Thanks so much Rachael! Even though it was not that long ago, we were just transported right back to the day! You did an amazing job capturing the day and the moments.


Rachael was a dream to work with during my wedding two years ago. She came prepared, professional, and captured the most beautiful moments. I’ve been recommending her ever since!


Rachael is not only a fantastic photographer, she’s a fantastic human! She was there to capture our proposal, and she did an amazing job! We highly recommend her photography services! You will not be disappointed!!!!

I like to get to know my clients before working with them, whether it be a wedding or a portrait session. It’s important to me that you are comfortable while we work together so I’ll often suggest we meet in person at least once or chat on the phone if we live in different cities.

Okay, so this all sounds pretty good to you right? Well don't be shy then, say hello! Let's grab a coffee and you can tell me all about your life!

And then we'll take some photos of course!