Lawrencetown Beach is a really special place for Jill and Jordan. It’s where they got engaged last July and were we did their engagement photos in September. Since the two rarely get a day off together, they scheduled their session well in advance. As luck would have it, it was pouring rain on the day of their shoot. We contemplated rescheduling but the three of us agreed there was a possibility the weather may be different at Lawrencetown Beach, so we drove out there to check it out. The weather turned out to be even worse. It was raining buckets on my windshield as I pulled into the parking lot. When Jill and Jordan got there I hopped in their car and we picked a new date to reschedule the shoot, all of us a bit bummed. As I was getting out of their car, I saw a bit of clear sky in the distance and even a bit of sun behind the clouds. In that moment we decided to wing it and go ahead with the shoot. Because of the unpredictable weather, the shoot took on a fleeting and spontaneous vibe. It was a lot of fun and rather freeing creatively.

Just as we finished, the skies darkened with heavy clouds and the rain came pouring down again.


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