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Feels a bit unreal to say this... but I've been photographing weddings for over a decade! Of all the changes life threw at me during those years, wedding photography seemed to stick. It's an interesting career that I stumbled into after graduating from NSCAD. Most of the work I created while attending NSCAD focused on the intricacies of human connection and is definitely what draws me to wedding and portrait photography today.

I'm fairly introverted and am often described as quiet, thoughtful, quirky and to the point. Introversion aside, I have always enjoyed the way photography brings new people into my life.

Photo by Sinead Dubeau

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my approach is...




I strive to create an organized, helpful and professional experience for everyone while keeping things personal, fun and relaxed.

Maybe you love the camera, maybe you hate it. Either way, my gentle, easy-going approach prioritizes your comfort throughout the process so we get the best results.

I encourage you to be your true self. Meeting with clients for coffee, drinks or dinner helps tremendously to build a relationship along the way.


Your photos should carry the same magic whether you look at them today or 10 years from now. I avoid using trendy presets without correct colour balances or skin tones to create images with longevity and authenticity.

You deserve images that look and feel the way a moment felt.

Fun & Relaxed

You’re meant to live the experience, not get distracted by photos and poses. That’s why I take a low-key, fun, relaxed approach. I am most comfortable and creative when I’m photographing people fully enjoying their day.

engagement session at Obladee wine bar

Kind Words

Rachael was absolutely lovely to work with! She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and she made me laugh when I had no idea how to make myself laugh and smile naturally. I would love to work with her again and plan to for future photos!

- Rachel Powell

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