Now, you might be wondering how I got into weddings...
To be honest, weddings rarely crossed my mind while in art school but the two coincided quite serendipitously in the end. This is how it all went down:

One day as I was heading home from the school’s photo department an ad on the bulletin board caught my eye. Amongst the posters for upcoming exhibitions and photo gear for sale was a paper that read “Wanted”. There I was about to finish 5 years of art school, very uncertain about my future and reading an ad from a couple that were specifically looking for a student to document their wedding. So I did what anyone would do, (I think?). I took the information, went home and I emailed them.

In retrospect, hiring an unexperienced student to document a wedding seems a little bit crazy but it couldn’t have worked out any better. Of course, on the day of the wedding I was pretty nervous but I brought my sister along for moral support and introduced her as my “assistant”.  The wedding was awesome, the guests were amazing and as for the newlyweds, well, hands down they’ll always be one of my favourites.

In a way, I owe it to them for starting my career in wedding photography as it was their feedback and excitement over the photos really got me hooked.


I am a quiet and introspective person, which applies to my photography style as well. Capturing moments in an intimate and intuitive way, I aim to create images that are emotive and often evoke nostalgia. I think it’s beautiful when a photo can blend those two elements and transport you back to a moment in time.

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My plants! (I have over 50 plants in my apartment. It's ok, it's not a problem)

Nova Scotia's beautiful scenery! And any other place I travel to


New friends (This could be you! As it is highly likely we will become friends once I take your photo!)


Above photos of myself were taken by my good pals, Chelle Wootten and Sinead Dubeau.