Rebecca and Marc had a lovely beach wedding in August this year. During the early days of the pandemic, they had actually postponed their wedding to 2021 but later changed their mind, deciding to do something small and simple this year. Luckily I still had their original date available so not too much had changed other than the guest count! When I asked Rebecca about their decision to have a beach wedding she responded,

“Because we love the beach and ocean! One of the first times we hung out together as a family was at this beach. Marc found an AMAZING large rock shaped like a heart. We both took it as a sign.”

On the day of their wedding it was raining off and on but the sun came out to stay just before the ceremony. A small amount of guests started to arrive and those that could not attend were invited through Zoom. To celebrate the blend of the two families, Rebecca and Marc had necklaces for each of their girls. After the portraits and congratulations the two made their way to a nearby cottage where family and friends were waiting to continue the celebration!

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Special thanks to Luke Clarridge for shooting this wedding with me!

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